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The Aspen Institute Central Europe is a partner of the Aspen global network. It serves as a non-partisan platform where politicians and representatives of business, as well as leading artists, athletes, scientists, and journalists can meet and interact. The Institute facilitates interdisciplinary and regional cooperation, and supports young Central European leaders in their development.

Aspen Institute CE

  • Represents the values and principles that are fundamental to the free world, and promotes regional and global cooperation
  • Creates opportunities for personal and professional growth through networking and exposure to new challenges and experiences
  • Supports strategic thinking that goes beyond geographic and sector-related boundaries
  • Stimulates interdisciplinary cooperation and enhances critical discussion among people from all walks of life and opinions
  • Focuses on priorities that are critical for the future of the Central European region

Founded in 1950, the Aspen Institute is headquartered in Washington, DC in the United States.Its global network spans accross Europe, North America, and Asia. The Institute in Central Europe was established in 2012 and operates for the whole Central European region – primarily in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, and Slovakia.

The Aspen Institute Central Europe’s activities focus mainly on leadership seminars, expert meetings, and public conferences – all of which are held in a neutral manner to encourage open debate. The Institute’s programs are divided into three areas: Leadership, Policy, and Public. In their implementation, the Institute focuses on issues that are critical for the future of the Central European region.

One such objective is the systematic search for young, talented leaders, and providing support for their personal and professional development. This area’s flagship event is the Aspen Young Leaders Program, which brings together emerging and experienced leaders for four days of workshops and debates on various aspects of leaderships.

We also strive to support strategic thinking that goes beyond local and sector-related boundaries. By hosting policy sessions and inviting representatives of politics, business, the arts, media, the non-profit sector, and science, the Institute opens dialogue concerning digital agenda, cities’ development and creative placemaking, cultural and creative industries, art and business, education, and transatlantic and Visegrad cooperation. In addition, The Aspen Annual Conference – the Institute’s highlight event in the policy area -convenes high-profile guests to discuss current affairs.

The Public program aspires to present challenging ideas at public events and via the Aspen Review Central Europe. This quarterly journal offers articles by renowned Central European authors and interviews with respected leaders and experts.

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