Who We Are

The Aspen Institute Central Europe is the Central European partner of the Aspen Institute global network. It is a non-partisan platform for policy innovation, value-based leadership, and international cooperation. To this ends our Institute holds seminars, policy meetings, and public conferences designed to facilitate interdisciplinary dialogue in the region and to enhance responsible leadership. 

The Aspen Institute Central Europe is administered by the Board of Directors, headed by the President Ivan Hodáč and Vice-President Pavel Řehák. The Chair of the Supervisory Board is Pepper de Callier; the Executive Director is Jiří Schneider.

The Aspen Institute Central Europe is a branch office of the Aspen Institute US without being financially supported by it. It is a public benefit organization. Members of the board are not paid and their functions are honorary.

Team | Board of Directors | Supervisory Board | International Advisory Board

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