Digital Disinformation Workshop

25. September 2019 (9:00 - 16:00)

The Aspen Institute CE will organize on September 25 a workshop on Digital Disinformation. The event is organized within a series of conferences, seminars and workshops organized by Aspen Institute Germany, Aspen Institute Espana and Aspen Institute Central Europe under the title Tech and European Society looking at the societal impacts of digital technologies and AI. The invitation-only workshop is designed to bring together approximately 45 distinguished professionals, researchers, experts and practitioners from various areas of economy and society with the most diverse perspectives possible mainly from the Central European countries.

The workshop will include presentations and expert discussions as well as a practical exercise. To illustrate the power of technologies in this field, we will pay particular attention to the digital information environment focusing on disinformation techniques, including the role of online and social media in people’s perception and acceptation of disinformation.

The event is by invitation only, to verify if there are places available, please contact us at:

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