Empowerment Instead of Fear: Technology and Society

05. September - 07. September 2017
Krynica Zdrój, Poland

As a part of the 27th Economic Forum at Krynica on September 5–7, 2017 Aspen Institute Central Europe will organize a panel debate Empowerment Instead of Fear: Technology and Society on September 7, 14:25.

We will discuss the following topics:

Does inability to adapt to technological changes contribute to “new nationalism”? How to translate a fear from future into empowering societies and making them more resilient and competitive? Does technology bring more income inequality as it widens a gap on labour market between high- and low-skill jobs? Are there any specific features how Central European societies react to globalization/technology challenges based on their heritage of 19th century nationalism and 20th century communism?

You can register for the conference now.


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