Europe and the Global World: The Future of (Free) Trade

02. November 2017 (17:30 - 19:00)

Do current events have the impact on commercial politics of the European Union? What are the next steps in the process of trade liberalization and what’s the role of EU? Which geopolitical factors do we need to count with in the future?

Those questions will be debated among Vladimír Bärtl, a Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade, Dita Charanzová, a Member of European Parliament (ALDE), Aleš Chmelař, State Secretary for European Affairs, Jonathan Faull, former Director General for internal markets and services in European Commission, and J. E. Siri Ellen Sletner, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Norway to the Czech Republic.

The debate will be chaired by Ivan Hodáč, President of Aspen Institute Central Europe.

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“Aspen was always able to assemble differently minded people from various fields of activity: politicians, artists, athletes, scientists, innovators, volunteers and businessmen. I believe that this capability will also significantly contribute to the development of a liberal and democratic society not only in Europe. ”

Ivan Hodáč

President & Founder


Dita Charanzová

Board Member

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