Policy Dialogue on Innovations

14. May 2019 (9:00-14:00)

Aspen Institute CE in cooperation with the Embassy of the Netherlands in the Czech Republic will organize on May 14, 2019, a policy dialogue on innovations. The event will be hosted by the Deputy Minister of Trade and Industry Mr. Petr Očko.

Invited high level speakers from the Netherlands will share the experience and lessons learned from the transformation from a traditional industrial country to an innovative leader. The discussions with Czech counterparts will focus on the Dutch concept of the successful model on innovations, accentuating the necessary synergies between the government, academia and business. The event aims also at encouraging the future cooperation between the Netherland’s and Czech governments, scientific institutions, business and innovative companies. While not ignoring the role of multinationals, we will focus on the role of SMEs and start-ups in the technological and digital transformation of the economy towards higher added value as well.

The event is by invitation only, to verify if there are places available, please contact us at: office@aspeninstitutece.org


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