Slovakia in the Digital Era

23. January 2018 (17:00-19:00)

We invite you to join the Aspen Review Café on the competitiveness of Slovakia and Central Europe in the digital era, organized in cooperation with the Czech Center in Bratislava.

Slovakia, and the Central European region as a whole, has one of the most dynamic economies in Europe. Will this also be the case in the digital era? What can the state do to create a more effective and modern business environment? How does Slovakia score in areas such as digital inclusion? What can we learn from other countries, for example, as regards start-ups and innovation support? What will work look like in the future?

Join the discussion with Peter Kolesár, CEO, Neulogy, Jiří Schneider, Executive Director of the Aspen Institute Central Europe, Martina Slabejová, Director General at the Deputy Prime Minister’s Office for Investments and Informatization and Michal Truban, Progresívne Slovensko. The debate will be chaired by journalist Štefan Hríb.

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