Trust in Media debate at Forum Media

24. November 2017 (13:00 - 15:00)

As part of the 18th annual Forum Media conference, Aspen Review co-organizes a panel discussion on Trust in Media.

The discussion will be led along the main lines of the Aspen Review article Losing trust in media (2017/1) and speakers will ponder on the questions of where lies the border between truth and lies, the phenomenon of ‘fake news’, and public trust in the traditional media.

Speakers of the debate are: Liz Corbin – BBC Reality Check team, Konrad Niklewicz – Aspen Review author, and Tomáš Etzler, a leading Czech journalist. Silvie Lauder from the Respekt weekly will moderate the panel.



Silvie Lauder


Konrad Niklewicz


Liz Corbin


Tomáš Etzler

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