Activists at Town Halls

When:  June 18, 2015 (19:30 – 21:00)
Where: La Fabrika (Komunardů 30, Praha 7-Holešovice, MAP)


How can you improve the city you live in? Most easily by paying taxes and casting a vote in elections. Besides, you can sort your waste, clean the streets after your dog and don’t throw garbage around. You can also get more involved by engageing in community activities, trying to embetter your neighborhood. But what if you feel that’s not enough? Are you willing to step up, run the elections and change your city as a local politician? There are few who did that and who challenged the “professional politician”.

The event will host:

  • Jón Gnarr, former Mayor of Reykjavik, comedian, writer
  • Peter Bročka, Mayor of Trnava
  • Matěj Hollan, Deputy Mayor of Brno, Žít Brno

The debate will be chaired by documentary film director Bohdan Bláhovec. The guests will discuss:

  • Their personal insights and motivation to enter politics; was it worth it?
  • Governing a city: What were the biggest achievements and challenges? How to improve life in a city? How to involve citizens to participate and gain their support?
  • Artists and creative people in politics: Is the time of the professional politician, at least on the community level, coming to an end?  What does it mean for the future of city administration and local politics?

The discussion will be in Czech, Slovak and English (without interpretation). The entry is FREE.

The debate is an accompanying event of reSITE 2015: The Shared City, a conference on urbanism, architecture and future of cities. This year’s edition will explore the physical design, human networks, public policy and digital experience that defines The Shared City. For more information visit the conference website.


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