Are We Safe?

We are proud to present the first regular issue of our quarterly – Aspen Review Central Europe. The Cover Story “Are we safe?” analyzes different aspects of security issues in six separate articles. The Politics sectiondiscusses current geopolitical developments from Ukraine, through Albania to Syria and the African continent. In the Economy section, experts debate the hottest topic of the fall – the future of the Eurozone and present as extreme opinions as an appeal for its dissolution. Culture features six reviews of influential books published in Central Europe.

You can read three articles from the newest issue here:

The full version of the Aspen Review is now available on sale, and you can order a copy via e-mail or soon buy it in selected bookstores (in Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia). The price is as follows:

  • 120 CZK + 20 CZK (postage per copy)
  • 20 PLN + 4 PLN (postage per copy)
  • 10 EUR + 1 EUR (postage per copy)

If you are interested in buying Aspen Review, please place your order at review (at) stating your name, address and number of copies you want to receive.

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