Future of Digital Europe – Prague European Summit 2017

Aspen Institute Central Europe (ACE) joined the Prague European Summit on June 14, 2017. Ivan Hodáč, the President of ACE chaired a panel debate on Future of Digital Europe with Sarah Vormsby, Václav Mach, Ondřej Malý, Taavi Roivas and Jaanika Merilo.

Capitalising on the digital revolution presents a key source of economic growth for the EU. Digital technologies are inspiring new business models, transforming traditional industries, facilitating creative start-ups and changing the ways we live and work. The EU needs a regulatory environment that encourages innovation and risk-based, entrepreneurial approach, while striking a balance with protections and standards. This calls for an EU regulatory environment that has to be simple and harmonised in order to reap maximal benefits. How can we best contribute to truly completing the Digital Single Market? In order to fully participate in it, EU citizens will need new skills and lifelong learning. It is crucial to think ahead now of ensuring that no one is left behind by digitalization in order to avoid the disappointment for some that globalization has caused?


  • Sarah Vormsby, Analyst, Think Tank EUROPA
  • Václav Mach, Legal and Corporate Affairs Lead, Microsoft Corporation, CEE
  • Ondřej Malý, Digital Agenda Coordinator, Office of the Government of the Czech Republic
  • Taavi Roivas, Vice President of the Parliament, Former Prime Minister of Estonia
  • Jaanika Merilo, Vice Mayor of Dnipro, Advisor to Minister of Infrastructure and Transportation and Mayor of Lviv

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