reSITE 2015

Public debate with Jón Gnarr

Organized in cooperation with reSITE Festival

When: June 18, 2015
Where: TBC

How can you improve the city you live in? The least you can do as a citizen is to pay taxes or cast a vote in elections once in a while. Besides, you may sort your waste, clean the streets after your dog and don’t throw garbage around. Maybe you are also involved in community activities, and try to improve the neighborhood. But what if you feel that’s not enough and you are dissatisfied with the city hall work? Are you willing to step up, run the elections and change your city as a local politician? There are few who did that.

One of them is Jón Gnarr, a former Mayor of Reykjavik, who will share his experiences with local politics. Deputy Mayor of Brno Matěj Hollan (Žít Brno) and the Mayor of Trnava Peter Bročka will join him in subsequent debate.

Please follow us for details about the venue and registration opening.


The core interest of reSITE is in urban planning strategies that focus primarily on public space, waterfronts and urban mobility as a means to modernize a metropolis for modern citizens to compete regionally and globally. reSITE is interested in bridging the gaps between design, policy, finance and community participation in order to build a more equitable, livable, competitive and resilient city. The conference seeks to design a city that it is better for the next generation than it is for this one.

reSITE 2015 will explore the physical design, human networks, public policy and digital experience that defines The Shared City. The guests will debate how design, policy and you can be used to define and improve life in cities based on shared values.

reSITE 2015 is open to anyone interested in the future of their city. For full details and registeration, please click here.


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