The Way We Will Work
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We released the 3rd issue of our redesigned Aspen.Review quarterly, now with the exciting title The Way We Will Work. Therefore, we are happy to share it with you and we are looking for your feedback!

The Future of Work

Future of Work is already here–in Central Europe. Driven by continuing globalization, accelerating digitalization and dreaded automation, the work is changing. What role will the modern state play in this process? And how gender roles will change? Seems like a sweat free paradise is coming. We must adapt to the technological progress and learn for the future growth. Read more on the Aspen.Review website!

The problem for the left now is that if we shrink the amount of work due to high productivity technologies, a large number of things will become cheaper or free – Paul Mason



The risks arising from flexible working conditions are less well known: there is a growing danger of hyper-connectivity – Drahomíra Zajíčková


Along the articles tackling the issue of the future of work find more topics, stories and articles such as President Trump and Free Trade by Jacques Sapir or the e-Estonia: Between Russia and the Cloud by Peter Morvay. Furthermore don’t miss the interview with Pavel Kysilka about the education and technology or the article about the Future of Jobs from Gender Perspective by Drahomíra Zajíčková. But we offer you a lot more in this issue.


The future does not belong to steel, nuclear power plants, or petrol-fueled transport relying on cars. Future is in nanofibers, graphene, smart materials, shared economy, and decentralized energy industry – Jiří Kůs


Developed countries reached saturation with industry a long time ago and no amount of protectionism can make the American Rust Belt shine again with the chromonickel of rebuild production – Edwin Bendyk

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