• Art Match: Innovative patronage of theatre

    Another event from the Art Match series, this time focused on theatre patronage.

  • Czech Republic: The Shape We’re In | Gala dinner and the Aspen Prague Award 2015 ceremony

    President of Estonia Toomas Hendrik Ilves received the Aspen Prague Award 2015 at a gala dinner on the occasion of the annual conference.

  • Studie – Česko: Jak jsme na tom?

    Stáhnete si studie k naší výroční konferenci

  • Do Schools Teach Digital Thinking?

    Read a report from our public debate about modern technologies and education.

  • Do schools teach digital thinking? Panel discussion at the Forum 2000 conference

    Renowned experts will discuss the impact of digital technology on education at the 19th annual Forum 2000 Conference.

  • Job Offer: Office Manager

    Aspen Institute Prague is looking for an Office Manager to provide coverage for maternity leave.

  • Open App! Competition

    Call for proposals to create a community-activating application.

  • Art Match: Art Patronage and Industrial Heritage

    Read the summary of another session of the Art Match series, this time focused on the patronage of industrial heritage.

  • EDUCATION: Thinking and Skills. New Aspen Review is out!

    The latest issue of the Aspen Review brings you reflections on the state of education and knowledge in Europe.

  • Art Match: Artists & Corporate

    The second debate from the Art Match series, this time with artist Pasta Oner, Inka Pavelka from MSD, and Petr Hájek from The Chemistry Gallery.

  • Digital Competitiveness of the EU: Conference summary

    Read a summary from the conference on digital agenda organized by the Aspen Institute Prague in Brussels.

  • Innovation and Privacy Go Hand in Hand

    Keynote address by Věra Jourová at the Aspen Institute Prague conference on the EU Digital Agenda.

  • Aspen Review Café: Germany and the EU: Who benefits?

    The Aspen Review Café series was launched at a debate about the role of Germany within the EU.

  • Aspen on the Road – Colours of Ostrava

    Join us for a debate about culture and urban development at the Colours of Ostrava music festival.

  • Digital Competitiveness of the EU

    Expert policy meeting on the EU digital agenda goals taking place in Brussels.

  • Art Match: State of Cultural Philanthropy

    Aspen Institute Prague is introducing a new series of debates on cultural philanthropy in the Czech Republic and Central Europe.

  • Aspen on the Road – Pohoda festival

    Public debate about the future of cities in Central Europe taking place at the Pohoda festival in Slovakia.

  • Aspen Review Café | Germany and the EU: Who Benefits?

    Public debate accompanying the publication of the new issue of the Aspen Review Central Europe.

  • Activists at Town Halls

    Aspen Institute Prague organized a public debate about local politics and activism with Jón Gnarr, Peter Bročka, and Matěj Hollan.

  • Public speech of Cecilia Malmstrӧm on the TTIP

    The European Commissioner for Trade paid a visit to Prague to discuss the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership.

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